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d.Construct 2006: a second feedback

The programme at d.Construct left hardly any spare time, so filling in a feedback form far before the end of the conference did not make much sense. But we had to, otherwise we didn’t take part in the contest. So here’s a quick wrap-up, which can be considered to be my final feedback for d.Construct. Let’s start with the top issues and end with the horrors:


  • Jeffrey Veen’s talk on Designing the complete user experience was again a splendid performance. He alone was worth the entry fee for this conference.
  • Derek Featherstone’s examples of real life accessiblity problems with simple user interfaces compensated a lot the interesting (but accessibility neglecting) speeches on AJAX and Flash.
  • Yahoo! idea of ‘hack day’ (presented by Simon Willison and Paul Hammond) is an absolutely interesting concept for other internet companies too.
  • The backnetwork (only accessible by attendees) was excellent. Well done!
  • Brighton is a perfect location for web conferences. Not that far from airports and meanwhile sunny, beachy, interesting and alternative.
  • Serving tea with milk! This is one of the greatest shortcomings of the Netherlands.


  • The talks on AJAX and mash-ups definitely triggered me. Being an accessibility advocate myself, I’m normally not that interested in trendy technics that break the usebility or accessibility experience. Now, I’m sure to try out some things. As Jeremy stated “just because the joy of it”.
  • Meeting other attendees is always interesting. I talked to PPK on his new book and we came to the idea that in the Netherlands we are in need of a mash-up that compares book prices of different Amazon shops (USA, UK, Germany), including their shipping fee.

  • Jeff Barr’s talk on Amazon’s web services was totally useless, being nothing more than an ordinary sales talk on Amazon’s activities. Clear:left apparently needed the money?
  • It would have been very convenient if the organisation had handed out some paper to make notes on. As blogging was nearly impossible, ordinary hand written notes came to the rescue.

– –

  • The conference centre Brighton Corn Exchange, ouch, is not a conference centre! There was so little space between the chairs that my legs still hurt and I didn’t know where to put my arms. Working on a laptop of course was impossible, even if there had been more light. I suppose there hasn’t been a lot of blogging during the day. Tip: choose something like a university auditorium for the conference?
  • There were no power supplies available in the conference room, so unless you brought in three spare batteries, your laptop would have run out of service during the first or second session. As mentioned above, blogging was hardly possible, so this is just a tip for next year. I definitely will not come back next year if these last two points won’t be solved properly.

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How to tag d.Construct 2006?

In between every @media-session the attenders of the conference could see a slide saying something like “Please tag your posts, photo’s etc. with ‘atmedia2006′”. My first reaction was: “Go away, I can define my own tags!” But of course this message contributed to consistent tagging. Have a look at Technorati or Flickr!

Nowadays I think it even would be better if the organiser of an event as soon as possible announces his favourite tag for the conference. It would assure that also the posts that are written before the event takes place, are logically tagged.

So, the next big event approaches: d.Construct. How should we tag our posts on this conference? (Posts already appear!) Shouldn’t ClearLeft give us a hint? Jeremy, for example, tagged a post on d.Construct with ‘dconstruct06’ and ‘dconstruct’, Andy doesn’t tag at all, Richard also uses‘. So, at first glance ‘dconstruct06′ seems to be an appropriate tag.

But shouldn’t there be an overall and logical tagging convention for conferences? Then, everybody would always know how to tag. I’d propose something like [conference name] (stripped of spaces and special characters) + [year]? In that case @media was tagged correctly with ‘atmedia2006’, but d.Construct should be renamed to ‘dconstruct2006’.

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Sprekers op d.Construct: 1. Derek Featherstone

Hoewel de laatste tijd weinig nieuws verschijnt op box of chocolates van Derek Featherstone verrast dit weblog sporadisch met berichten over webtoegankelijkheid. Ik kende hem als de man die het begrip webstandaarden toelichtte voor leken. Maar Derek Featherstone heeft vooral het stempel van toegankelijkheidsspecialist op zijn voorhoofd gedrukt staan. Hier schijnt hij jarenlange ervaring mee te hebben. Ook heeft hij zitting in diverse clubjes die webstandaarden promoten.

Ik heb geen idee idee waar Derek op d.Construct over gaat spreken, maar waarschijnlijk is het iets hips in combinatie met accessibillity. In februari publiceerde het Digital Web Magazine een uitvoerig interview met hem.

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d.Construct registration succeeded

De server lag er een kwartier uit, maar uiteindelijk kwam ik er door: 8 september zit ik in Brighton bij d.Construct (Andy, zet de background-color van de body even op #fff). Jur, ben je er ook?

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